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REMINDER The deadline for SMHI crop exemptions is April 30th. Application forms can be found at:...

Drinking Water

Drinking and Livestock Water Testing

The RM office can provide forms and containers for ratepayers to test their drinking water or water used for livestock. It is the ratepayers responsibility to collect the water sample, mail to the lab and pay the testing...

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2024-2025 Gopher Control Rebate Program

The RM of Wheatlands currently has 25lbs pails and 50lbs bags of Rozol Rodent Bait and 45lbs bags of ZP Rodent bait for sale. SARM's Gopher Control Program provides a 50% cost share rebate (not including taxes) on these products. Invoices must be paid in full and...

Dust and Weed control

Dust and Weed Control

DEADLINES EXTENDED TO THURSDAY MAY 23rd, 2024. Please read, fill in application and return to the office if you are interested in weed or dust control. Deadlines for both applications are May 15th, 2024. DUST CONTROL For ratepayers, the RM of Wheatlands will cover...

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Ducks Unlimited Canada- Forage Program

Have a need for feed? Take advantage of one-on-one agrologist support and a per-acre payment to help meet your forage needs. Receive $100 per acre when you seed perennial forage. With additional incentives, that could climb to $200 per acre. Contact 1-866-252-DUCK...