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Internet Banking

Current payment options are available through the following banks:internet banking rm wheatlands

  • Scotia Bank
  • Royal Bank
  • Credit Unions
  • CIBC
  • Toronto Dominion
  • Bank of Montreal


E-transfers [email protected]

Credit and Debit are available in office


Your customer account number is: for Taxes- your owner number located above your name on your tax notice (add zeros at the start if more numbers are required).

The R.M. receives notice from your bank that a payment has been made, we will then issue a receipt and mail it to you.

Other payment options include Cash or Cheque:

  • We accept post-dated cheques
  • Receipts will be issued on the date on the cheque
  • By mail: Box 129, Mortlach, Sk, S0H 3E0
  • The mail slot box located at the R.M. office can also be used to deposit payments